Saturday, July 7, 2007

Jewel vs. Kurt Loder

I have been searching for FOREVER for a transcript of the little tussle that occurred between Jewel and Kurt Loder years and years ago.

As you may know, Jewel wrote a book of poetry that was wildly popular--to the dismay of many English teachers, I'm sure.

Kurt Loder found some problems with it:

LODER: There's a line you have,'There are nightmares on the sidewalks/there are jokes on TV/ there are people selling thoughtlessness with such casualty.' Casualty doesn't mean that, does it? Casualty's like a guy gets his arm blown off. I mean isn't that...

JEWEL: That's a type of casualty.

LODER: What?

JEWEL: It's a type of casualty that ...

LODER: No, really. I thought you were trying to say casualness.

JEWEL: No, casualty.

LODER: Oh, OK. All right. Are you a tech person? Do you take computers on the road, do you log on, e-mail?

JEWEL: No, I'm a bit archaic. I mean, I still write everything by hand. It's quite archaic.


JEWEL: It is wow. I'm dyslexic as heck. I mean, I just can't type well.

LODER: Really? That'd be a problem for a writer.

JEWEL: It is a bit of problem. I mean, putting the book together. Everything was done by hand. I had to recopy it legibly to get it...

LODER: That explains casualty probably.

UPDATE: Here's the video!!!


Sven said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, he dissed her! But she ended up calling him an asshole on camera I think. Casualty actually does have another definition, which means "by chance" or "fortunte". So grammatically, Jewel is correct.

Anonymous said...

Just checked my dictionary, Anonymous... Mr. Loder was right. Jewel didn't have a clue what she was saying, but I think that we should know that with the direction of her career over the last decade.